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Epirus Traveller is a tourism company located in Ioannina which aims to introduce its guests to the beautiful landscapes of Epirus, through mild activities that respect the environment.

The main contributors of the company are:

  • aggelikiAggeliki Gerogianni, qualified of School of Physical Education and Sport Science (Graduation Year 1992), Balkan winner with the National Rowing Team, with many years of teaching experience in Greek-German schools, organizing camp programs, organizing environmental school excursions in Europe, Participation in European education programmes and innovative actions.


  • giannisIoannis Smiris, Army Officer (retired) with 32 years of service, in Special Forces and as a trainer in Presidential Guard.


Every day there are plenty of guided tours throughout Epirus region, such as the Pindos mountain range, rivers, lakes and the coastal zone.

The visitor has the opportunity to come to know areas of archaeological, cultural and religious interest, to hike in worldwide heritage sites, to taste the local cuisine, to get in touch with folkway of each area, to tour the Coastal zone of Epirus and estuaries, to find out old monasteries and to do adrenaline-rush activities.

We also provide alternative planning in case of harsh weather (or different type) conditions.

All activities are done with respect to the environment ALWAYS leaving the area clean.


Visitors may choose their place of residence or stay in selected accommodation in a region (Ioannina, Tzoumerka, Zagori, Konitsa) of interest, as long as required.


Every meal is an exquisite taste of the local cuisine of Epirus.


All transfers are carried out with a new privately owned car of our company, from and to the accommodation area of our visitors, as well as to the airports of Ioannina (IOA), Preveza (Aktio) (PVK), Thessaloniki (SKG), Araxos (GPA), Corfu (CFU), Volos (VOL) and Athens (ATH).

Tailor made activities

In all cases activities organized by our team are flexible and can be customized according to the guests’ schedule.

Group packages

For groups of over 5 visitors, discounts are given depending on the number of guests. 50% discount for children under 13.

All inclusive packages

Our company provides all inclusive packages from 3 to 6 days stay (accommodation and dining) including a variety of activities for every age group

For more information about Epirus Traveller and the region of Epirus, read a recent article on us here:https://diasporatravelgreece.com/epirus-traveller/