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Syrrako and Kalarrites villages

Trail starts at the traditional village of Syrrako and ends at Kipina’s Monastery.

The route has an elevation difference of approximately 300 meters.

This tour goes through the traditional villages of Syrrako and Kalarrites, the tributary of "Chousias", and the springs of Kouiasa.

The monastery of Kipinas was founded in 1212 by Archbishop Gregory.

The Chrousias tributary was named after the grandson of the legendary Achilles, "Chrousios", who according to tradition, was the first of the Kings of Epirus and came from Thessaly (Fthia) and Troy.

Trekking time: 4 hours.

Difficulty level: moderate.

Equipment: mountain sports shoes or hiking boots, waterproof jacket, canteen and backpack.

The guided tour is also suitable for family groups.

Prices: from 50€ per person.