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Hiking until the mythical Dragon lake.

The route is mostly uphill and in the middle of it is the Astraka shelter.

During the tour visitors may take a few breaks to drink water from the springs while observing flowers (mostly wild lily) with vivid colors growing at high altitudes.

At the end of the route, at around 2,000 meters altitude, there is Drakolimni lake (which translates to Dragon lake) where visitors may take a break to absorb the magnificent scenery.

Those seeking adventure could swim in the lake along with the Alpine Triton (Ichthyosaura alpestris).

On the way back there is a planned visit to the Ovires of Rogovos (natural swimming pools) in Papingo village.

Hiking time: 8 hours.

Difficulty level: moderate.

Equipment: mountain sports shoes or hiking boots, waterproof jacket, canteen, walking or hiking baton (optionally) and backpack.

Prices: from 60€ per person.