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UNESCO World Heritage List

Meteora were formed approximately 65 million years ago during the Early Period.

They were once inhabited by kings, such as the king of Thessaly and Epirus, Ioannis Uresis Palaeologus.

Today, Meteora have international fame as a place of climbing (easy, moderate, difficult climbing). The only requirement for climbers is not to climb the rocks of the monasteries that still operate.

Currently only six out of thirty monasteries operate, which, since 1988, have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Daily tour at Meteora monasteries provides these points of interest: Kalabaka and the six (males only) and (females only) monasteries of Meteora.

Tour time is up to 8 hours.

The guided tour is suitable for family groups and excellent for riders!

Prices: from 60€ per person.