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When summer is just around the corner, everyone starts organizing their vacation plans. Many plans are to be fulfilled in the Greek islands and their beautiful beaches! Epirus region (Greece) may not be an island, but it has nothing to envy of them.

Epirus region has been awarded as the 2nd most welcoming region worldwide in 2022!

Do you want to discover the European Caribbean coastline? Are you ready to swim in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea or walk at Parga’s picturesque narrow streets? Then this vacation plan is for you!



Preveza is the capital of the Prefecture and located at the entrance to the Ambracian Gulf. Plenty of sailing and fishermen boats dock in its safe waters.

day 1 preveza city 001

We’ll walk in the historical center and encounter picturesque alleys, the Seitan Bazaar and the Venetian Tower with the famous solar watch.

day 1 preveza city 002

We will be visiting Nikopolis, also known as the 'city of victory', which served as the capital of the Roman province of Epirus. The city was founded in 29 BC by Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian to commemorate his victory over Marc Antony and Cleopatra at the nearby naval Battle of Actium in 31 BC. Soon after its foundation, Nikopolis was declared the capital of the broader Epirus region

day 1 ancient nikopolis 001

Places of interest nearby are the Roman nymphaeum, Octavian's campsite memorial at Actium, the Roman Odeum, the main gates, ancient mosaics of a roman villa, the Pre-Christian walls, and many more.

day 1 ancient nikopolis 002

day 1 ancient nikopolis 003

day 1 ancient nikopolis 004

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We will wrap up our day by relaxing at one of the most impressive beaches in the Epirus region, and indeed in all of Greece: Monolithi. This beach is a true jewel and a trademark for Preveza. Monolithi is one of the unique areas in the Balkans that harmoniously combines green and blue, creating a stunning landscape. The combination of greenery, golden sand, and turquoise water will leave a lasting impression on visitors and prepare them for an unforgettable escape.

day 1 monolithi 001

This sandy beach is an ideal destination for those who love the combination of pebbles and deep crystal-clear waters.

day 1 monolithi 002

Stretching over tens of kilometers, this beach claims the title of the longest sandy beach in the European Union.


Let's discover the European Caribbean Sea in Syvota, a coastal village where the green landscape meets the unique blue sea, creating idyllic scenery that is considered one of the most exotic destinations in Greece.

day 2 syvota 001

Surrounded by small islands, Syvota is also an ideal starting point for exploring the historical and natural monuments of the Epirus region, making it a major attraction for visitors from all over the world.

day 2 syvota 002

day 2 syvota 003

Don't forget to bring your snorkeling equipment and explore the islets, long sheltered beaches with crystal-clear waters, secret coves, and more, for an unforgettable experience!

day 2 syvota 004

day 2 syvota 005

day 2 syvota 006


Parga town is a bustling tourist resort that overlooks Paxi and Antipaxi Islands, as well as the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Its lacework of inlets and crystalline seas, along with its picturesque narrow streets, make it one of the main attractions in Greece. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views and soak up the vibrant atmosphere, making Parga a must-visit destination.

day 3 parga 001

Parga town, which dates back to the Byzantine period, has been influenced by various civilizations including the Venetians, the British, the French, and, later on, the Ottomans.

day 3 parga 002

The area offers a variety of beaches to suit the preferences of all visitors, such as Lichnos Beach, Kryoneri Beach, Piso Kryoneri, Valtos Beach, and Sarakiniko.

day 3 parga 003

day 3 parga 004

day 3 parga 005

day 3 parga 006

day 3 parga 007

The area is perfect for both relaxation and adventure activities. Visitors can choose to unwind or engage in exciting activities such as Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and snorkeling to explore sea caves and rocky islets. SUP is a highly sought-after activity in Parga and can be found almost everywhere.

day 3 parga 008

There are many beautiful paddling routes suitable for children, beginners, and advanced visitors. Private lessons are also available for beginners, organized by experienced and certified instructors.


The most famous oracle of the dead (or Nekromanteion) in the ancient Greek world is located near the northwest shores of the Acherousian Lake, where the rivers of Hades, Acheron and Kokytos, meet. Homer provides the earliest reference to the oracle of the dead in his Odyssey, in which Circe advises Ulysses to seek the blind prophet Teiresias in the underworld to obtain an oracle for his return to Ithaca.

day 4 oracle of the dead 001

day 4 oracle of the dead 002

Afterwards, we'll unwind at one of the most picturesque beaches of the Ionian Sea. Tucked away in small streets that wind through a pine forest, a beautiful small creek emerges, with a huge rock sitting in the middle. The crystal-clear waters of the bay, along with its mystical atmosphere, make it a place of special importance.day 4 alonaki 001

The small caves and beautiful landscape of Alonaki make it a must-see destination for those seeking magnificent scenery.


An amazing day starts with a visit to the historical monument of Zalongo.

day 5 zalongo 001

This monument is a symbol of self-sacrifice dating back to December, 1803 when 60 women from Souli and their children committed suicide to avoid the captivation of the Ottoman Empire. It conveys to the whole world a universal message of sacrifice and freedom. The women were trapped and decided to turn towards the cliff's edge and jump down to their death with their infants and children rather than to submit to the Ottoman troops chasing them.

day 5 zalongo 002

After the visit of the monument, we’ll relax at the Ionian coastline at Vrachos (or Loutsa) bay. Vrachos beach is one of the most impressive beaches in the Prefecture of Preveza and Greece. It is a 6 km – long golden beach with plenty of beach bars, taverns and restaurants.

day 5 loutsa bay 001


PRICING : Per person: 600€

Minimum number of visitors: 4

Maximum number of visitors: 8


All legal taxes & VAT

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All tours & activities

Photographic and video material for all days



Meals & drinks

Tickets to museums or archaeological places

Bank commission fees (3% approximately)

Snorkeling equipment


Accommodation to 5* hotel (6 nights, double room):600€ (booking up to the end of March).

Accommodation to 3*-4* hotels (6 nights, double room):500€ (booking up to the end of March)

Meals, local recipes (1 meal per day, no drinks): 150€

Transfer from/to Preveza airport: 20€ per person (min 2 visitors)

Transfer from/to Thessaloniki airport: 150€ per person (min 4 visitors)

Transfer from/to Athens airport: 150€ per person (min 4 visitors)

Prepaid tickets to museums, archeological sites and boat to Syvota: 50€ (per visitor)

SUP activity at Parga town: 80€ per person (4 hours)

Snorkeling equipment: 80€


Recommended places of accommodation: Preveza town, Mytikas or Kanali villages

All visitors need to deposit 200€ in advance by the end of April (only for tours & activities)

All visitors need to deposit 800€ per person in advance by the end of March (Accommodation to 5* hotels, tours & activities)

All visitors need to deposit 700€ per person in advance by the end of March (Accommodation to 3*-4* hotels, tours & activities)

The rest of the amount can be posted 15 days before their arrival

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Pictures by Epirus Traveller, Nikolas Dimakopoulos