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The Acheron River estuary

At the northwestern coastal part of the Preveza Prefecture are the estuaries of the well-known mythological river of Acheron.

Acheron river flows into the Ionian Sea and in particular in Fanari Bay (Ammoudia).

It is an area with special natural features, (such as marshy areas, coves, exceptional coastal ecosystems) that shape it as a unique biological and aesthetic value landscape.

Acherontas strait and Estuary area is one of the 18 natural sites that have been recognized as the most remarkable in the whole region.

In this area the most famous nekromanteion (or oracle of the dead) of the ancient Greek world is spotted which lies near the northwest shores of the Acherousian lake. Ancient literary sources describe the Acherousian lake as the place where the dead began their descent to Hades but also Ephyra, the Epirote city located further north, is associated with the ancient worship of the god of death. The nekromanteion attracted people wishing to meet the souls of the dead, as these were able to foresee the future after leaving their body.

Homer provides the earliest reference to the necromanteion of Acheron in his Odyssey, when Circe advises Ulysses to meet Teiresias, the blind seer, in the underworld in order to get an oracle for his return to Ithaka.

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