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Explore Vikos - Aoos Geopark

The tour goes through the villages of central Zagori and Konitsa.

The area of the Geopark occupies the northwestern part of the Regional Unit of Ioannina in the Region of Epirus and particularly the most part of Zagori and Konitsa Municipalities.

The high mountains of Northern Pindos dominate the area: mt Smolikas (2637m), mt Timfi (2497m), mt Trapezitsa (2022m), mt Nemertsika (2209m) and some more. The main rivers of the area are Aoos, Voidomatis and Sarantaporos.

The area is known for its important archaeological sites, the Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments and mainly for monuments of the pre-industrial era.

The region is home to many rare and protected species, such as bears (Ursus Arctos), wolves (Canis Lupus), wildcats (Felis sylvestris), otters (Lutra lutra), wild goats (Rupicapra Rupicapra balcanica) and predatory birds such as, golden eagles (Aguila Chrysaetos), the peregrine falcon (Falco Pereginus), booted eagles (Hieraetus pennatus), snake eagles (Circaetus gallicus), and golden falcons (Falco biarmicus).

Ostensive points of interest are Kokkoris bridge, Vradeto steps, Gyftokampos location, Sarakatsaniki sheep farm, Balda Di Stringa waterfall, Aoos river, Konitsa stone bridge, and Kalpaki war museum.

Tour time is up to 8 hours.

The guided tour is suitable for family groups and magnificent for riders!

Prices: from 60€ per person.

(source : http://vikosaoosgeopark.com/)